Dental Bonding in Lincoln Park, IL

Dental bonding can help correct many esthetic issues, from chipped, cracked teeth to discolored teeth to gaps between teeth. With this simple and safe treatment, Dr. Rodriguez can quickly improve your smile without needing significant restorations or costly treatments.

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Dental Bonding in Chicago, IL

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dentistry procedure used to enhance your smile's appearance cost-effectively. It involves using a composite resin material that is shaped and sculpted to alter the appearance of your existing teeth.

This procedure can be used for cosmetic improvements, such as repairing cracks and chips, filling gaps between teeth, reshaping and lengthening teeth, or even covering up discoloration that does not respond to whitening treatments.

Dental Bonding in Chicago, IL

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The dental bonding procedure is suitable for both adults and children.

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Benefits of Dental Bonding

Changes the shape of teeth

Dental bonding can help reshape your teeth by fixing feathering edges and changing their length. The resin used in dental bonding is easy to mold and shape before it hardens. Besides, it can make your smile look balanced and uniform.

Improves the color of teeth

The composite resin used in dental bonding helps with discoloration or stains on your teeth. This kind of staining can often be too stubborn for whitening strips or toothpaste alone, but through dental bonding, they can be completely covered up with a more flattering shade that matches the rest of your smile.

Fills minor gaps

Dental bonding can be used to fill in minor gaps between teeth. This is a a great alternative to veneers, crowns, or orthodontic treatment for some patients.

What to Expect/ Dental Bonding Process

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Your dentist will start by preparing the tooth or teeth to be bonded. This may involve trimming away some of the surface enamel to create a better surface for the bond to adhere to.

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An acid solution or gel will be used to etch and roughen the surface of your tooth so that the bond adheres correctly. The bonding material is applied directly to your affected tooth or teeth and will harden minutes after exposure to a special light.

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Final Adjustments

Once hardened, your dentist will make final adjustments for a natural look and feel. They may also use a particular polishing wheel to smooth out any inconsistencies and give it an even finish. The result should be seamless, with no visible signs of treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Applying the tooth-colored composite material requires no drilling or anesthesia, so it's painless.

Want to achieve a brighter smile? Get in touch with us to book a cosmetic consultation at Diversey Dental Studio.

The tooth-colored composite used for dental bonding is resistant to staining or discoloration from food, beverages, or smoking. It also tends to last longer than traditional fillings.

In most cases, dental bonding can be completed in one visit. Dr. Jacqueline Rodriguez can complete a basic bonding procedure in 30 to 60 minutes.

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