Extractions in Lincoln Park, IL

At Diversey Dental Studio we understand that the pain and discomfort of dealing with a cracked or damaged tooth can be overwhelming. That's why we're proud to offer our remarkable tooth extraction services, ensuring you are comfortable and at ease.

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Extractions In Chicago, IL

What Are Dental Extractions and When Do You Need Them?

A dental extraction is a dental procedure that involves pulling out one or more teeth from their sockets. The procedure is necessary for people with severe dental decay, where salvaging the tooth would be impossible. It’s also necessary for people with severely fractured teeth that can’t be saved. Dentists also recommend tooth extractions for people with impacted and crowded teeth, or as a prerequisite for getting dental implants.

Extractions In Chicago, IL

Did you know…

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Extractions can help prevent decay from spreading to surrounding teeth.

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Basic Extraction

We offer basic extractions for teeth that are visible when you open your mouth, including the incisors and canines. The dentist will examine the extent of dental decay, impaction, or fracture to determine the suitability of this procedure. All our extractions are handled by under local anesthesia or sedation if deemed necessary.

Basic Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

We also offer wisdom tooth extraction. Wisdom teeth extractions are complex since the teeth often become impacted, meaning they are unable to erupt from the gumline. The location of these teeth also makes removing them difficult.

Extracting wisdom teeth may require making a surgical incision on the gums to loosen the teeth and allow extraction. Sometimes the dentist might break the tooth into fragments to simplify extraction. Our dentist will ensure a seamless and painless procedure that should take no more than an hour.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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What to Expect During a Dental Extraction?

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Dental Examination and Local Anesthesia

Tooth extractions are usually a last resort for most dentists, and are only performed if absolutely necessary. As such, the first step involves a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and oral cavity. The dentist will evaluate the extent of your dental complication, and decide whether an extraction is right for you. If so, the dentist will inject a local anesthetic into the affected area to numb it.

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Tooth Loosening and Extraction

The dentist will use an elevator to loosen your teeth from its socket. Elevators have slightly curved ends that can go under the gums to help loosen the teeth. Once loosened, the dentist uses forceps to further loosen the tooth before gently pulling it out of its socket.

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Socket Cleaning and Post-Extraction Care

Bleeding starts the moment dentists pull the tooth from its socket. The dentist will place a gauze pad on the extraction pad and ask you to bite on it to minimize bleeding. The dentist will then remove the gauze pad and clean the treatment area. 

Sometimes, the site may be sutured shut to promote healing of the affected area. Finally, the dentist will furnish you with instructions for maintaining proper oral hygiene and care for the extraction area until recovery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, dental sedation does not accelerate nor negatively impact the healing process. However, it makes the tooth extraction process much more comfortable and pleasant. Sedatives used in sedation dentistry reduce anxiety and fear, but have nothing to do with the soft tissue and thus don’t affect the healing process.

Not always. While local anesthesia is necessary, sedation is not always required. Dentists typically recommend dental sedation for wisdom tooth or surgical extractions. Sedation might be unnecessary for simple dental extractions.

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