Sedation Dentistry in Lincoln Park, IL

At Diversey Dental Studio, we understand the weight of dental worries, and we're here to ease your mind with a tailored oasis of tranquility, where gentle care and comfort converge seamlessly. Embrace a worry-free smile journey, hand in hand with our compassionate team.

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Sedation Dentistry In Chicago, IL

When Do You Need Sedation?

Contrary to popular thought, dental sedation isn’t reserved for long, complicated, invasive procedures. It’s also useful for patients with dental phobia and anxiety to help put them at ease before and during the procedure. Dentists also used sedation for patients with sensitive gag reflexes or disorders that make them queasy or agitated while in the dental chair. We offer oral conscious sedation to ensure comfortable and seamless treatments for all our patients.

Sedation Dentistry In Chicago, IL

Did you know…

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"Twilight Sleep" was an early form of Sedation Dentistry introduced in the late 19th century?

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What We Offer

At Diversey Dental Studio, we offer oral conscious sedation to calm our patients and ensure smooth procedures, regardless of their anxiety levels.

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The Benefits of Proper Sedation

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What to Expect During the Dental Sedation Process

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The Preparation and Assessment

A comprehensive assessment of your medical records, dental and medical health precedes the sedation process. This assessment helps the dentist determine whether sedation is necessary and the best type of sedation for your procedure. It’s also an opportunity to discuss anxieties and ask questions about the sedation process to reduce doubts and apprehension.

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Choosing The Sedation Technique

There are three main types of sedation techniques in dentistry: nitrous oxide, oral consciousness, and Intravenous (IV) sedation. The dentist decides the most appropriate technique based on factors like the complexity of the dental treatment, your anxiety levels, age, and overall health and well-being. The dentist will also determine the level of sedation, ranging from mild to general anesthesia, that knocks you unconscious. At Diversey Dental Studio, we offer oral conscious sedation, which is appropriate for the needs of most patients.

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Sedation Administration and Intra-Procedure Monitoring

The dentist will administer the sedation as per standard dental procedure. Oral conscious sedation simply requires patients to take the prescribed medication in the form of a pill or liquid syrup 30 minutes to an hour before the procedure. Your dentist will also keep a keen eye on your heart rate, blood pressure, and other vitals during the procedure.

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Post-Sedation Care and Recovery

Recovery times vary from one sedation technique to the next and could take anywhere from a few minutes to forty-eight hours, as is the case with intravenous sedation. The effects of oral conscious sedation can last for several hours after your appointment. You should avoid driving or operating dangerous machinery during this period. Instead, let someone drive you home and rest so you can recover quickly from the sedation and treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must be in good general health to qualify for sedation. You must also not be pregnant or allergic to the sedative used. Your dentist will get to know you and your medical history before making a recommendation for the type of sedation that is best for you.

You’ll be sedated for as long as the procedure takes. Depending on the type of sedation you receive, the effects can take several hours to a full day to completely wear off. If you receive sedation for your procedure, you will need to arrange for someone to pick you up from your appointment, as you won't be able to drive for the rest of the day.

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